Frequently Ask Question

I already have a website & a URL that my customers know. How can I use RentMy with it?

RentMy’s free WordPress Plugin and API suite makes it easy to connect your website to your online inventory and booking manager. Your personal WordPress key is located in the “Widget” menu.

Can I have a free trial?

Yes! There’s no need to provide a credit card to test drive RentMy with up to 10 products. When you’re ready, pick your plan to subscribe.

Does RentMy charge transaction or revenue-sharing fees?

No! There are no commissions or hidden fees, just simple, transparent pricing.

Can I use my credit card processor?

Yes! If you have a CardConnect, Stripe,, Square, or PayPal account, you can plug in your credentials and use your account right away. We’re adding more processors soon, so create your account for the latest news!

Do I have to sign a contract or make a term commitment?

RentMy doesn’t require a monthly or annual contract. If we’re not the best solution available, you’re free to cancel any time.

Does RentMy charge extra for a mobile-friendly site?

RentMy clients enjoy a mobile site included for no extra charge.


Can I use RentMy for in-store point of sale?

Yes, RentMy includes a fully-functional point-of-sale solution. Easy to use and manage, you can dump your current point of sale service.


Does RentMy work with my current rental software?

RentMy complements or replaces your current solution. We think we’re the best thing going, but you can still use your old-fashioned software with RentMy.


What are the set-up and hosting fees?

Set-up and hosting fees are so last century. Get started today for free!

Do you offer shipping and delivery/pick-up options?

Yes, we connect to the biggest shippers (USPS, FedEx & UPS) via an API so that you can calculate shipping fees and charge customers accordingly. If you offer local delivery, RentMy offers configurable options to charge delivery by area or by distance.

Does RentMy offer SMS/text features?

Yes, RentMy includes SMS/text options to send receipts and order status updates to your customers.


Can I charge sales tax based on customer shipping/delivery location?

Yes, you may setup taxation options to handle point of service